After wearing shorts for so many years, do you know how to makenine out of sho rts?

Shorts are a must-have item in every woman’s wardrobe

Dress and short skirt have no shorts to move easily, can say walk

What’s more, shorts are very powerful

Choosepair shorts to help you create “nine body” feeling

Of all the shorts, high-waisted shorts are the best way to build long legs. Emma, a hobbit, says she has a whole cabinet of high-waisted trousers.

High-waisteddenim shorts are high in size and can be paired with a pair of styles that can be paired with a wardrobe. When it comes to legs, it’s great. ▼

In addition to high-waisted jeans, high-waisted a-character shorts are definitely a great artifact. And it’s great for commuting, even if it’s a nice day at the office. ▼

Loose a bitof style, comfort is taller, but the requirement of fabrics also can be raised relatively, the office gens most need is to sit unwrinkle for a long time. ▼

A short pants can be a casual, casual wear, not too serious. Tie-in suits are very entertaining. ▼

Go out for a vacation to play wear a word shorts, only need to match a condole belt, or vest, no problem fashionable essence. ▼


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The most popular dresses in the second half of 2017! The wardrobe says hin!!

With these six skirts

Contract your summer and fall wardrobe

Beginning of autumn has passed, begin to enter the autumn, in the north and the south estimates is still in hot weather, but already sold in stores up the autumn outfit, you little fairy and be prepared to change garments according to the buy buy buy, but to buy what style?

Classic style is very durable, but always add a little design to make you think you are buying a new dress.

As is known to all, T stage show is one of the important channels of trends, we predict the future and skirts is our key to transition from summer to autumn sheet is tasted, today we will be popular in the second half of 2017, according to show analyse what style of skirts.

Cleverpleated skirt

Pleated skirt of popularity also is not the mark, is very popular last year gold plain pleated skirt, and this kind of lightsome clever material pleated skirt is popular this year qiu dong is more, have more obvious line feeling. ▼

Carolina Herrera 2017 / Looks FW 2017

The specific look at street clap can discover, the design that will add other line in pleated skirt, appear more vivid and active. ▼

The unique line design will be more popular, with a long T-shirt with simple colors on top, the perfect transition from summer to autumn. ▼

An asymmetrical print pleated skirt is also very popular, and when you step into the fall, you can wear a short jacket on the outside to get a cool sense of high qu

Elegantand sweet lace dress

The material of lace has been the highlight feminine, with a sexy and sweet, 2017 autumn/winter bud silk, has a translucent appearance, highlight delicate feminine temperament, black and light yellow is one of the most classic, can and a turtleneck sweater or loose cardigan collocation. ▼

2017 autumn winter Blumarine / 2017 Christopher Kane


Wearing a lace dress and a T-shirt in the summer is a good partner. Kristen is a handsome guy with a black bare-cord skirt and black patent leather shoes

Autumn tie-in shirt knitting is a good choice to make

Commuter pencil skirt

Pencil skirt is very classical design, the straight and narrow is its typical characteristics, very suitable for commuting and some formal occasions, the most popular color this year qiu dong’s pencil skirt color is black, grey and autumn terra-cotta, length between the calf, the most popular in the former have vented design. ▼

Jil Sander 2017 fall/winter/Salvatore Ferragamo 2017 qiu dong

Just in autumn, you can wear asimple tight knit top and black with a pencil skirt to accentuate your body. ▼


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How do you wear the most captivated man?

How do you wear it

To be the most beautiful fairy

The day of the seventh day is approaching, is the baby’s appointment on schedule? Are you ready for your date?

Although now loving couples is the “valentine’s day every day” (well, even to a singles day could be valentine’s day ~ ~), but in front of the real valentine’s day, festival rituals or some feeling, think of the day in the future, will have more sweet memory.

To make this day more meaningful, I feel that we need to work together, and the men are responsible for making romance, and the women, after all, are the little fairies, who are in charge of beauty

So how to dress for a date is a question.

In order to highlight the importance of the festival, wearing skirts is the most appropriate. In addition, it is the issue of style. After all, dating is two people’s, not only to start from their own style, but also to consider the straight man’s aesthetic. What skirt would you wear to make straight men more likely to like it, and to be happy with it? I have a few Suggestions

Pink is not only a girl who has cracked the heart of a girl, but the girl who wears a pink skirt, she is young and cute, and the pink and tender feelings even straight man is thumb up. Why not wear pink on a date and make yourself a little public official?

The condole of pink and white deserve to carry a small short skirt, more the sense of a kind of restoring ancient ways.

Baby legs aren’t good enough, can choose a dress, fanning in home, naked pink skirt with shoulder-straps really tender mix lace more sweet, even the choker and shoes are all chose the pink echo.

Of course, the little pink dress can not only condole carry a choice, shoulder thick, the baby of the arms thick ask completely can choose to cover arm of V collar style.

Really worry a powder can not hold, might as well wear pink in the lower body, choose a pink skirt, tie-in white coat, also have pure and fresh pink feeling.

Don’t look down on a bow, the girl’s exclusive element, which makes you even sweeter in minutes.

The bowknot of the neckline is the most common, feel no matter how many years old, as long as tie a bowknot to be able to reduce the young girl get up ~ ~

Neckline no bowknot doesn’t matter, you can buy a bright ribbons is tie-in, fanning girl with a fan belt tie a knot in the neck, with pinky package, court the wind small short skirt more show luxuriant nifty.

Besides the neck, this year also very popular shoulder bow design, one side a bow, a bit cute ~

The design behind it is more scheming, with a pink bow on the back, the front looks ordinary, a look at the back full of surprise

Choosea lace dress

Lace is full of feminine charm, can be dressed elegantly, and also enough to be provocative.

But bud silk also is very exquisite texture, buy the lace skirt to choose more expensive in the budget range of oneself, the lace of craftsmanship is more advanced more.

It is also recommended to be more low-key and tender, such as nude powder, sweet and young girl.

The white laceskirt can be very faery, and it is more refreshing in summer.

How can you not love a nude lacedress that is both elegant and goddess?


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Keep a sexy swimsuit even if you can’t swim

The season is finally coming, but are they already trying to show their hand at the edge of the water?

Before the 16th century, when men and women were swimming naked, what we now call “sky baths” was a common phenomenon in ancient Rome. In the early middle ages, a bathing suit appeared because it was considered evil for a long period of time. The men in the upper class wore an apron, which was the privilege of the aristocracy.

In that time swimsuit is very conservative, also from the beginning of the 20th century, a wave of classic characters drive, set up the swimwear boundary climax!

Before the 16th century, when men and women were swimming naked, what we now call “sky baths” was a common phenomenon in ancient Rome. In the early middle ages, a bathing suit appeared because it was considered evil for a long period of time. The men in the upper class wore an apron, which was the privilege of the aristocracy.

In that time swimsuit is very conservative, also from the beginning of the 20th century, a wave of classic characters drive, set up the swimwear boundary climax!!

Elizabeth Taylor wore a white jumpsuit photo

An unpublished swimsuit photo of Marilyn Monroe was shown at an Einstein cafe in Berlin, Germany.

Marilyn Monroe dressed in a polka bikini

Women are always fussy about their swimwear requirements and want to compete with each other to highlight their strengths.

But the fat girl tried not to choose too tight.

The one-piece swimsuit is actually super tall, and many people think it can hide meat, but it doesn’t know what it is. It’s scary.

Magnify the shoulders, underarm, waist, back and thighs. All kinds of meat.

How do you choose a bathing suit? First you have to “know” yourself. Different body types have different requirements for swimsuits


  1. Type X beauty

The upper and lower, the breast circumference is too plump, the hip circumference lenient.

1) make up the proportion of the whole body.

2) the waist crease pattern, can connect up and down the figure of big body, look up not abrupt.

3) the breast is made with a cut designer to beautify the curve.

4) if you choose the split style, the lower body should not be too short, not less than the proportion of the upper body, so as to avoid the feeling of weight

5) under the underarm of the cuff, it is easy to be extruded by the underarm, and the high collar type is not suitable, and it is easy to feel oppressive.

  1. H-style beauty

From the shoulders below straight line without curves, the chest is petite, mostly thin straight tube shape.

1) try to protruding from the front to highlight your body.

2) use the crepe or flounce side effect of expansion feeling, or the cross style of the neck and chest, can make the chest vision bigger.


3) can make an article in the breast mat place, choose to tall, thickened bosom mat and can wear the magic chest mat that can wear the cleavage effect, or the drip breast pad can improve the bust effect.

3、Model T

Upper body standard, lower body from abdomen to leg line thick fat. Easterners tend to lean towards this figure.

{selection criteria} :

1) choose to cover up the thick legs and emphasize the graceful upper body. Skirt outfit is very good choice, short skirt handsome, long skirt romance, can dress beautifully.

2) high waist line cutting can raise the visual proportion of the legs.

3) even the swimsuit will unmercilessly display the thighs proud flesh, so avoid it.

4) note: bikinis or low-rise swimsuits will draw a lower percentage of the body and avoid them.

5) the lower thoracic design of the upper body cross-fold is also another lure, and the wrinkling effect can transform the shortcomings of the belly.

4、Type P beauty

Perfect beauty of Perfect figure, basically Show what swimsuit is ok, if can the front protruding hind is more effective.

1) get in shape. Bikini is a popular pioneer.

2) one style is elegant and elegant in swimsuit.

3) want to Show again partial conservative beauty, can wear motorized and lively three pieces.

4) the dress is elegant, even the pants are conservative, all suitable for Perfect beauty.

The smell of summer is getting thicker, are you ready to run to the beach? Get ready for a beautiful suit of swimwear, sexy, look thin, beauty is no less!

Here are some of the most attractive women on the beach.

Pameo Pose

When it comes to the retro style, it’s definitely the first time to recommend the Japanese brand PAMEO. If the PAMEO POSE doesn’t do the best of Vintage, I don’t know what brand of swimsuit can be more retro.


The striking color of the color, in the background of the sea blue sky is particularly prominent. Beautiful and serious swimsuits deserve you who want to be serious and beautiful. The color of color and fluorescence are the combination of the best match, whether the healthy wheat color or white, the delicate skin of red, can collide a different spark. More important is color bright, people, see you first!!!



Speaking of this year’s contracted climate, so can swimwear also can do! Solid&Striped most men’s wear swimsuit began to do, then do women’s bathing suit is very popular. The characteristic of its home is stripe, grid and stereo cut, the style is contracted and pure and fresh. You can choose the right swimsuit for any type of body.

Item recommendation


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Super change-change, 4 kinds of collocation make flat body surprise big change!

Fresh and pleasant white trousers

Wearing well can also show the height of thin

Sometimes see a lot of dress, but wear on themselves always not ideal result, a large part of the reason is associated with body, beauty in the bone is not in the skin, according to their figure to learn through can better find suits own style.

Zhou dongyu is a typical representative. ▼

Since wearing clothes should make a long stay, then let’s first look at the shortcoming of type I, the shoulders are too small first, and the buttocks are not full, the advantage is that the arms are fine, the legs are fine, the waist is fine.

Ok, after that, we’re going to learn dry goods.

Avoid oversize tops

The i-shaped shoulders are so small and narrow that they can’t support oversize clothes, and there will be a child who steals the look and feel of an adult’s clothes.

Neckline neckline

The shoulder is small appropriate to choose this kind of neck type of neckline, reveal the shoulder sides, have the effect of widen the shoulder on the vision. ▼

A word collar

A neckline is worn on the body, with a horizontal horizontal line on the shoulders, making it easy for people to feel the width of the shoulders. ▼

Hubble-bubble sleeve

Bubble sleeve or lotus leaf edge decoration has the effect of widening shoulders. ▼

Strengthen the hips

Don’t wear tight leggings

The hip is also flat, and wearing a pair of high-waist leggings is a sure way to expose your shortcomings.

Crisp fabric

The material in the lower part of the material is chosen to choose the single product of the fabric, so that it is easy to hide the defect. The cortical umbrella skirt can make the waistline appear thinner. ▼

The right item

A short coat with a collar

Small waist and small waist small waist can be worn by a girl with a tight neck, it can be very nice, and can correct the ratio of shoulder width. ▼

One word for a jacket

A one-word neckline raises the waistline and looks longer and shows a sexy waist. ▼

Pontifted skirt

The pengpeng skirt can make the body look not so dry, and can reverse the slender legs. ▼

Show off a small, waist-long leg

A collared top and half – length skirt

A word collared top with the skirt of a pousa skirt can be very good conceal the defect of figure, show the advantage of waist and leg, I type body can be worn very charming, have feminine flavour.

A white lotus leaf dress  that joins the lotus leaf is more youthful energy, the girl is full of feeling.

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Bandage – stylish and sexy


When it comes to the bandage, the first reaction is the bandage. The lace-strap shoe is a big scar of the little legs. So what should you do to wear this trendy bandage?

It’s not just the supermodels who love the bandage, but the new it girl, Emily ratakowski, is also a big fan of the bandage. It’s not only sexy, but it’s also more cool. And in the neckline add a simple band design short skirt, can still wear the fashionable taste of sex cool breeze.

Supermodel Gigi and selena’s bandage are more daring than the low-key pairing of liu wen and Ken bean. The bandage is a sexy kill for them. Gigi’s white bandage dress, not only the middle door open or the big open back, the perfect chest and beautiful back, this beautiful body moment stunned the entire room. Since her breakup with bieber, selena has been getting more and more beautiful, with a bandage and a denim skirt, a bold show of milk, and a rising sex appeal.

When it comes to the sexy star of the band, we have to really talk about Kim kardashian. The subject of the queen’s dress is a madman, and in her black dress, the editor dares to say that half of it is a bandage. It’s just that if your body isn’t as strong as Kim kardashian’s, there’s no need to match her fish-mouth boots and long coats. The addition of these two pieces, except for the meat, a little of the benefit, make the shape look sluggish and bloated.

Many people think that the bandage is full of female, so is there a chance for a group to try the bandage? Gigi tells you the answer in a set of street shapes. Although Gigi was not a flat chest, she wore a neutral outfit with a flat chest. A band of collar band tops with jeans, handsome.


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This year super popular lotus leaf edge element, wear not to will ugly cry!

Falbala would have been crazy popular in the 1980 s, when the match is rough gold necklace, a sister now that was hard to imagine the “grand” (what the hell is tie-in!) This year the lotus leaf edge element again strong return! On spring and summer, the Erdem 2017 spring and summer xiui shows the lotus leafedges.

Italian national amorous feelings, always so enthusiastic and energetic dolce & gabbana also deduct the charm of the lotus leaf side.

In fact, thelotus leaf edge is definitely not only a show of the show, but also very practical. If you have a lot of upper arm, you can cover it with a single piece of flounce on your upper arm.

If bosom is peaceful, can choose bosom to have lotus leaf side of a piece, can appear bosom bigger.

If you have a small belly, you can also cover your belly with a lotusleaf.

Wearing ashort lotus-edged jacket can also create “legs below the chest”. But this type of approach is not suitable for big boobs, and it may seem strong.

lotus leaf side products will be popular? Most of them appear in spring and summer wear, such as:

flounce shirt

The side of the lotus leaf on the shirt is more decorated in the chest, it is easy to remind people of ancient court clothes, but now is much simpler. Red, sleeveless, ruffled shirts with blue jeans are both classic and artistic.

The crisp blue shirt with a large and stacked half-skirt and cloth shoes, classical temperament and national sense.


collar blouse a word

A collared top will continue to be popular this year, and the ruffled top of the lotus leaf will fit comfortably with a thin, senselike dress.

The top of a few, can also have the arms to cover the arms and the chest full of two big roles.

ruffled skirt

The dress, which only has flounces on the hem, has been added to the design of bandages and prints, and it feels very sweet. Pair with small heels, chic and girlish!


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T-shirt skirts make you simple and stylish

Enter August again will have hot summer heat!

The only thing that can make it light up is the air-conditioner wifi watermelon… I feel cool and comfortable in the dress, which is probably a T-shirt dress.

T-shirtskirt loose style is very comfortable, more than T-shirt length does not need to go with the outfit also can, very cool, the dress of the ratio, it has a bit more casual, less a bit of restraint. As a summer slob, it must be a must.

T-shirtskirts are not hard to wear, but first you have to choose a good style and a different figure!

While aloose T-shirt skirt looks a bit lazy and funky, don’t wear it too loose, or you’ll have to say no, no matter what size you are.

A proper sense of relaxation is a combination of leisure and fashion

Small people especially should avoid too wide too long style, the length chooses above the middle of the thigh, can elongate the lower body.

And it must be shorter and higher, too short to worry about what to do? It can be worn with a pair of denim shorts, not awkward

Tall besides can wear short paragraph T-shirt skirt, still can try the T-shirt skirt of long paragraph, some recreational artistic feeling, can choose to open the design of fork, not too boring and inflexible.

Some flesh fleshy micro fat body also can wear t-shirts, skirts, slightly loose t-shirts, skirts, can cover the belly meat meat, arm coarse baby can also choose to 5 minutes of sleeve, cover the arm bye meat.

A more chubby baby, this baggy T-shirt skirt doesn’t fit you, and a large waist size T-shirt that doesn’t have a waist size will only expand the size of your body.

If you’re going to wear it, you’re going to have to choose this kind of slim fit, so it’s not going to swell the whole person, and you can see the same person wearingthe striped T-shirt and the green T-shirt above. That’s the difference

The T-shirt dress is roughly the same, but the style is different and the feeling of wearing it will be very different.

A simple T-shirt dress is a little easier, and it feels a little more relaxed.

Striped T-shirt dresses are more abundant, and also write small literary sense.

The big print t-shirts are more popular this year, revealing their individuality, and many of the fashionable ICONS have been worn this year.

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Look! Summer’s most beautiful print tie-in!

It’s like rain or chocolate

As if the popular minimalist wind qiu dong season, spring and summer is printing, the fairy in the spring and summer wardrobe will have more or less a few pieces ofprinted sheet is tasted, printing element will not be too basic cause buried, nor too exaggeration that dress too hard.

Fashion bloggers are even more attached to print.

Yubo Chiara Ferragni is wearing a denim jacket with a floral print jumpsuit and a nice touch of gentleness. ▼

French romantic blogger Anne Laure Mais is wearing a floral print top and denim shorts with a touch of retro glamour. ▼

There was also blogger Marina, dressed in a strapless print top with an old pair of jeans and a chic look. ▼

I don’t know if you have noticed that bloggers like to put the stamp on the jeans, but it’s not too much of a melodramatic in meekness, and it’s not too basic to be buried in the crowd.

If you’re worried about the print, use it to match denim.

A simple white T-shirt? Instead of a floral print coat, it’s not just in the holiday period, but the trendy guests have been quietly donned, and the streets often have their bodies in them, and they seem to have a lot of energy after putting on them.

Printshirt is in low swing a knot is this year very popular method, tie-in simple and frank jeans, very absorb eyeball. ▼
Knot of brief paragraph shirt dazzle the charming of the lower abdomen, collocation of low-rise jeans, sexy looks handsome in the spell able, if feel too exposed, coat tied low, while wearing high waist jeans, will be more high. ▼
A one-word shoulder print top with ripped jeans, simply wear a stylish taste. ▼
Print condole belt is very sexy cool and cool, tie-in pair of jeans bell-bottom pants, lengthen leg line, show figure proportion more. ▼
The jeans A character skirt youth has vitality, tie-in romance literature and art of the bare shoulder dress, young girl feeling very much, also show small sex appeal. ▼
The Hawaiian print shirt, with a relaxing and relaxing holiday, is matched with a blue and blue denim skirt, which is not too trendy. ▼
The air conditioner in the office is too low? If you’re wearing a floral print dress, you may want to bring a denim jacket and make it fashionable in your office. ▼
A soft romantic floral print dress with a handsome denim jacket, handsome and feminine. ▼
Put on the most simple and eye-catching print to make this summer fire.

How does a girl with a big chest wear beautiful and fashionable clothes? Want to know?

This summer’s cool clothes

Do you wear big breasts

I agree, after all, the weather is so hot… It looks like this stove can only be saved by a sling!

However, the sister of chest big is sad, put on carelessly easy easily attract strange eye

SO, today, share with the babies how to wear a sling suit! And don’t look at a narrow band, it doesn’t cover the meat, but the choice and collocation is correct, still can let you thin 10 catties!


Choose model

On the selection, you should pay attention to the big chest

  1. Reject too low chest & not to cover the vice

Chest big wear too low or too exposed, in a foreign country may be normal, but the domestic is more vulnerable to a strange eyes, so is not big chest wear low-cut is ugly, just may be more to be uncomfortable.

The condole that chooses square to lead or big circlecollar, at the same time both sides also can accept the deputy milk, it is more suitable for big chest baby, these two kinds of neckline also have the effect that weaken bosom.

Wear suspender skirt, want to avoid too loose style, especially have no waist line, easy to enlarge the chest, still make whole skirt outfit rise to appear swollen.

3.Choose to have a bit of nice

The baby with big chest is wearing condole belt, still can choose to bring a bit of sleeve, for example the condole belt that had written before, the design of the shoulder, both cool and sweet, the bosom big is worn also very safe.

Definitely not a T-shirt! Hey, remember the above options, you’ve been successful half of the time, and then you’re going to have meat in your clothes, and you’re going to wear a thin outfit.

  1. Halter top + high waist trousers/skirt

The jacket can be loose, but you’ll have to tuck it in and make the waist line. (PS: don’t be too tight or you’ll get porn too.)

If you have a more conservative baby, you can add a sunblock or a blazer that will give you a sense of security. (in fact, the dress can also be matched, recommended with a top, or be afraid of your heat)

  1. Sling dress/jumpsuit

With respect to a type of them, you just have to follow the above mentioned choices and the points you notice when you wear them.


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